A little bit about me

Hey mama's! I'm Kayla!

I'm so excited to introduce myself to you! I have been happily married since 2016 and we have 2 kiddos. Every day is spent with my family. When we aren't at work or school we are either out exploring new spots around Central Oregon, Camping, or hanging out at home as a family.
I love baking, gardening, working out, and reading a good book before I go to bed.

Come hang out with me for a shoot

Authentic Moments Captured By Middle Moments Photography

I capture the full range of emotions during our sessions. If the kids need to run around or take a break, that's perfectly okay! Often, these little pauses become some of the sweetest moments to photograph. I work with children of all temperaments—whether they’re shy, bursting with energy, or somewhere in between. I have a knack for making kids smile and helping them feel comfortable. My goal is to create a relaxed environment where genuine expressions shine through, ensuring we capture those real, heartfelt moments that you'll cherish forever.


Why I love photography

I fell in love with photography around the age of 15 when my dad got me my first camera. I loved taking photos of my nephews and nieces while they were little. As I became an adult I was always sad that I only had a small handful of photos with my parents or siblings. Not having those photos drove a deep love in me to make sure my kids have so much more than I did. That love has spread out to other families as time has gone on. I love getting to be the person to hand over some of the most precious moments a family can have. Knowing they will be able to look back at these photos till the end of time and then pass them to the next generation is everything I fell in love with.

this time with your kids is so important

Why hire a family photographer?

Having two kids of my own I know how fast this all goes. My daughter is turning 8 this year and as I watch her face change from baby to big girl, as I go through all her clothes and collect her outgrown clothes to make way for the new, I know this all goes way too fast. The same thing is happening with out 3 year old son. Every feature is continuously changing. Their personality is evolving and morfing daily. Capturing the here and now is one of the most important things you can do.

Work With Me

serving bend oregon and surrounding areas