Choose Comfort

When picking out your outfits make sure you not only try on your own outfit, but you have your kids and spouse try their outfits on too. If you don’t feel comfortable in the outfit when you try it on, or your kids seem unhappy with them I suggest passing on that outfit and finding something else. We all want the cutest outfits for photoshoots but the easiest way to look uncomfortable or feel uncomfortable in photos is by picking clothing that doesn’t feel right on your skin.

Pick clothing that isn’t too tight (we don’t want to worry about pulling outfits up, down, or any other way).

This also goes for picking clothes that are loose or big. Clothes that are too big will not only make you look bigger, but could cause issues like undergarments showing if things start falling down, or tripping over pants that are too long or shoes that are too big.

Avoid Logos and too many patterns

We all have a brand of clothing that we know and love, but when it comes to photos the best logo is no logo. When taking photos we are aiming for timeless classic family photos, logos easily take away from that and draw attention to that rather than your family. 

The same thing goes with patterns. If everyone is in a different pattern it can cause confusion for the eye. Nobody knows where to look. If you want a pattern I suggest having children wear the same patterns, or mom and daughters wear the same patterns while dads and sons wear a solid color.

Shevlin Park, Bend Oregon

What to wear if you feel uncomfortable in your skin

As a momma of 2 I completely understand how much your body changes after having babies. It can be hard getting to know the new beautiful body that gave you such amazing gifts. Along with giving yourself grace, here are a few tips to feel more comfortable in your skin for photoshoots. 

Layers, adding a light knit sweatshirt or shawl is a great way to add layers to your outfit but not cover yourself completely. This works great if you feel a little uncomfortable with your arms or stomach and can be a way to bring in a pop of color for your family color palette.

Another tip for your arms is to pick a shirt that goes about ¾ down your arm. This works great if it is a bit warmer and a sweatshirt isn’t an option. 

Don’t wear spaghetti straps, or shirts that go too low on your chest. 

Avoid items that are hugging too tight on the body.

Pick colors that work well in your home

When we take your family photos I aim to not only get family photos you will love and want to share with your family and friends, but also photos that you want to add to your home decor and be able to enjoy forever. Think about what colors are in your home and pick colors for clothing that work with that.

Hollinshead Park, Bend Oregon

Coordinate outfits with the full family, but not TOO much

Picking colors that are in the same color family is extremely important. It helps the eye focus on the person/family more than the clothing. At the same time, we want a little variation in that. Pick one or 2 neutral colors and try to stick with that as the main color. After you pick those 2 neutral colors go ahead and pick one or 2 more pops of colors to add as small accessories (a bow for your daughters hair, a tie for your son ect).

If you aren’t used to them, don’t use them

We all see those photoshoots where mom is wearing super high heels, or the kids are actually keeping their tie on, their scarfs on, or other accessories. I love those photos as much as the next photographer, however if you and your family don’t typically use/wear them then it is better to ditch them and find something they do like instead. Photoshoots can quickly go downhill if you aren’t comfortable walking in your choice of shoes, or if you're forcing your kids to keep an accessory on that they wouldn’t normally use.

Black Butte Ranch

Weather tips

If wearing a dress, bring tights/leggings in case the weather changes. Central Oregon can be tricky with weather. It is always good to have an extra layer of clothing to put on in case weather changes quickly. The same thing goes for sweatshirts for the whole family.

Always have hair ties or clips on hang incase the wind decides to pick up.

Final food for thought

Always bring an extra outfit for children 10 and under. Central Oregon Can be muddy one day, and dusty the next. We know kids love to play so bring an extra outfit if they get dirty and need a quick change.

Hollinshead Park, Bend Oregon