Let’s discover the magic in everyday family moments: raw, real, and beautiful. I capture candid smiles, genuine laughter, and tender interactions. You'll see the true, joyful, and loving personalities of each family member, and to me, that's pure perfection

What is the difference between a primary family photoshoot and an extended family photoshoot

A primary family photoshoot usually centers around the core family unit, including parents and children, aiming to capture their unique dynamics and bond.

On the other hand, an extended family photoshoot involves a broader spectrum of relatives beyond the immediate family, like grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, highlighting the connections and relationships within the extended family core.

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Primary Family

what I do

In my sessions, the focus is on family fun and building lasting memories. We engage in activities that will get the whole family connecting and laughing together, and always following the children's lead. I provide a relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. I blend formal portraits with candid shots, capturing your family's genuine happiness.

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Extended Family photoshoot

What I do

I love capturing the heart and soul of your family's special connection. From the sweet hugs between grandparents and grandkids, to those laugh-out-loud moments, I make sure to capture it all. We celebrate your extended family's story and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether it's a reunion, anniversary, or just a get together, I have you covered in preserving those awesome moments for years to come.

How To Pick Your photoshoot Location

Central Oregon is an absolutely beautiful area and there is really no wrong area to do a photoshoot. I keep picking your location simple. My favorite area to do a photoshoot is at a special spot that means something to your family. That can be anywhere from Sunriver, all the way to Prineville, or sisters, and all the areas between. I want the location to mean something to you. If you can't think of a spot on your own that is perfectly okay because I have my list of 5 of my favorite spots to do photos at. Let's plan a trip to beautiful Black Butte Ranch and do photos by their firepits. Let's check out our awesome State Park (Smith Rock) and get those epic formations in the scenery. Or let's keep in Bend and head to one of our many river access spots, Shevlin Park, and Sawyer Park are always on my list. The list is endless, so lets choose something special together.

The Minimalist


The Minimalist is for small families that want a very simple set of photos. I walk you through a flow of photos starting with family photos with everyone together, then as time allows we move onto each parent with child, siblings together, and individual portraits.
This package is best for families up to 4 people without pets.
- 30 Min
- 12 Digital Photos - Access to my online store for more downloads and print options
- One location with one backdrop
- Access to my client wardrobe

The Unity


The Unity is for families with up to 8 people (and pets) all together. This is my most common package bought because not only do you get everything from package one, but you also get to enjoy making beautiful candid photos together. We venture through your chosen location and play games, and help make new memories together.
- 60 Min
- 25 Digital Photos - Access to my online store for more downloads and print options
- 10% off coupon code for prints through my store
- Access to my client wardrobe

The Connection


The connection gives you both of the above packages wrapped up together in a calm, slower pace way. This package allows for breaks between photos if children need it. It also allows for more time to venture around our photoshoot location.
This package is common for families with extended family. Or homestead shoots.
- Up to 2 Hours
- 50 Digital Photos - Access to my online store for more downloads and print options
- 15% off coupon code for prints through my store
- Access to my client wardrobe

More Options and Info

  • Looking to have your family shoot at your house/homestead? I am absolutely able to come to your place and do that as long as it is within 50 miles of Bend Oregon. All photoshoots in that category must be booked under The Connection package.
  • Pets are always more than welcome at family session, just let me know ahead of time. There are some locations that do not allow pets, so let me know if you need help finding the right spots that do allow them.
  • After your gallery is ready, I include all the best photos from your session. From there, you can choose the ones you want for your set. If you need/want more photos than what's included in your package, you have the option to purchase extras. You can download them individually or contact me for a bundled price if you want the entire album.

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Fill Out My Form

Fill out the contact form above. Select the type of photoshoot you are wanting and any additional information you want to share. I'll be in contact with you within 24 hours


Contract and Payment

We will chat however your preferred way of talking is, whether it is email, facebook messenger, or on the phone. Once we confirm the date, time, and details I'll send you over a contract and you'll pay a non refundable retainer to finish booking.


Planning and Session

You will get a questionnaire within a week of your photoshoot with questions that will help me give you the best photoshoot possible and capture the moments that mean the most to you. I am also available any time to help choose outfits and give tips for your upcoming photoshoot


Gallery and Prints

Within two weeks after the session you’ll receive an online gallery with all your photos and the possibility to order premium prints.


Why Print Your Photos

Printing photos of your kids and displaying family photos in your home is incredibly important because it helps to create a tangible connection to precious memories. These images serve as daily reminders of the love, joy, and growth that define your family's unique story. They provide a sense of belonging and identity for children, reinforcing their place within the family unit. Moreover, having printed photos allows you to relive special moments and share them with future generations, creating a lasting legacy. In a digital age, physical photos offer a warm, personal touch that enhances the ambiance of your home, making it a true reflection of the love and togetherness your family shares.


Kayla is the sweetest and most amazing photographer! She was so patient with my little one and my pup, she had the best suggestions on location, poses, props, etc. while also allowing space for us to just be in our natural state, capturing us as we just spent time together and open to any suggestions/ideas of our own. We had a fun time with her.

AND the photos 😍😍😍😍 blown away by how amazing they turned out! Thank you so much sweet mama! Looking forward to some snow pictures this winter when my family visits   πŸ’–



Kayla is fun!! Dragging my husband and son to get pictures isn’t easy but Kayla made everyone comfortable and it was a great time!! We will definitely shoot with her again!



Kayla was awesome!  Super friendly, fast, communicative and puts out a wonderful product.  She was very easy to work with and would highly recommend her for all of your photography needs!



Kayla is a gifted photographer, and I am so grateful we found her for our family photos. She was wonderful with our 2-year old and gave great direction on how to position us for each shot. We will definitely work with Kayla in the future, I highly recommend her!


What makes me different than other photographers?

There is a right photographer out there for everybody. We all bring something different to our sessions. What makes me different than other photographers? Being a mom on two young children (ages 3 and 7) I know it can feel challenging to get your kids excited for a photoshoot. That's why I try to make the shoot so much more than just another chore. My sessions are based around having fun as a family and making new memories. We play games, we run, we laugh. My sessions are very child led and if they aren't ready to do something we won't. By the end of the session both the parents and kids are happy and smiling from all the laughing they did, and I'm happy that I got to capture that special connection that the family has.


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